List of Instruments in Pharmacology

Sl No.Name of The EquipmentQuantity Available
 2Haemocytometer with Micropipettes20
 3Sahli’s haemocytometer20
 4Hutchinson’s spirometer1
 7Different Contraceptive Devices and Models1
 8Pregnancy diagnosis kit1
 9Mercury thermometer1
 10Cell analyzer1
 11Permanent Slides for various tissues1
 12Models for various organs1
 13Specimen for various organs and systems1
 14Skeleton and bones1
15Muscle electrodes1
 16Lucas moist chamber1
 17Myographic lever1
 20Sherrington’s kymograph machine /polyrite10
 21Perspex bath assembly (single unit)10
 22Sherrington drum10
 24Software packages for experiment1
 25Standard graph of various drug20
 28Pole climbing apparatus1
 29Analgesiometer (eddy’s hot plate and radiant heat methods)1
 32Digital pH meter1
 33Histamine chamber1
 34Metabolic cage1
 35Dissection tray & boards10
 36Stereotaxic apparatus1
 37Digital glucometer1
 38Folin- wu tubes60
 39Hemostatic artery forceps10
 40Levers , cannula20
 41Hypodermic syringes & needles Size 15,24,26G20