Director’s Message

Director’s Message

Dear Friends,
It’s my immense pleasure to share my words about Pharmacy and Pharmacy professionals.

“It is easy to get thousand prescriptions for a single disease,
But hard to get one single remedy.”


Pharmacy is one of the most trusted and honourable profession with noble goals and holds the faith and respect of the public we serve. Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical research is a fascinating path of healthcare growth and development to give live to a drug into the market to cure disease. Pharma professionals remain steadfast in helping to lighten the health-care system and always commit for adequate supply of medication to patients.

I warmly welcome and invite all to visit and explore our institute, Danteswari College of Pharmacy. The journey was started with an aim to develop centre of excellence in Pharmaceutical education. Our Pharmacy institution is a proud addition in the arena of healthcare system, research & innovations and quality in teaching. The key focus areas of our institute are building of conceptual knowledge, practical learning and the ability to innovate with novel ideas in the sphere of pharmaceutical education. The quality and facilities at our institute have been highly appreciated by the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI). We aim to provide world-class infrastructure, highly qualified and motivated faculty to cater the need of industry and global reckoning in the mission of building excellence in the Pharma Profession in India for the World.

Danteswari College of Pharmacy