List of Instruments in Pharmacognosy

Sl No.Name of The EquipmentQuantity Available
 1Compound Microscope30
 2Dissecting Microscope30
 3Projection Microscope2
 4Binocular Microscope1
 5Polarized Microscope1
 6Electronic Digital balance2
 8Hot air oven2
 10Zone reader1
 11Digital pH Meter1
 13Sterility testing unit1
 14Camera lucida20
 15Eye piece micrometer20
 16Stage micrometer20
 17Muffle furnace1
 18Moisture balance1
 19Heating Mantles-Small4
 20Vacuum pump2
 21Micropipette single & Multi Channeled2
 22Micro Centrifuge1
 23Electric water bath4
 24Hot plate4
 25Microtome rotary1
 26Mixer grinder2
 27UV Cabinet2
 28Water Distillation unit1
 29Cutter Mill (Bark and seed grinder)1
 30Medicinal Plant Chart15
 32Permanent Slide20
 36Rotary Shaker1