List of Equipment’s in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Sl No.Name of The EquipmentQuantity Available
 3Photoelectric colorimeter1
 4Atomic model set2
 5Electronic balance2
 6Periodic table chart10
 7Hot plates2
 10Analytical Balances for demonstration5
 11Digital balance 10mg sensitivity5
 12Suction pumps5
 13Muffle Furnace2
 14Mechanical Stirrers5
 15Magnetic Stirrers with Thermostat5
 16Vacuum Pump2
 17Digital pH meter2
 18Microwave Oven2
 19Distillation Unit2
 20Arsenic Limit Test Apparatus20
 21Reflux flask and condenser double / triple necked6
 22Nessler’s Cylinders30
 23Reflux flask and condenser single Necked10
 24Electronic water bath( 12 holes)1
 25Copper water bath23
 27Digital Balance (1mg sensitivity)1
 29Conductivity meter1