List of Instruments in Pharmaceutics

Sl No.Name of The EquipmentQuantity Available
 1Ampoule sealing machine1
 2Magnetic stirrer 500ml & 1 Lit. capacity5
 3Aseptic cabinet1
 4Tablet coating machine1
 5Ball mill1
 6Double cone blender1
 8Steam distillation still1
 9Vacuum pump2
 10Standard sieves no. 8, 10, 12, 22, 44, 66, 801
 11Capsule filling machine1
 12Ampoules washing machine1
 13Tablet Disintegration apparatus1
 14Hardness tester5
 15Friability test apparatus1
 16Clarity test apparatus1
 17BOD Incubator1
 18Digital pH meter2
 19Bulk density1
 20Hot plate5
 21Humidity Chambers1
 22Tray dryer1
 23Moisture balance1
 24Water bath2
 25Ointment filling machine1
 26Capsule counter2
 28Digital balance1
 30Stage and eye piece micrometers20
 31Sieve Shaker Machine1
 32Extractive Distillator1
 33Mechanical Stirrer5
 34Suppository mold25
 35Ultra Sonicator2
 36Sterility tester1
 37Franz Diffusion cell5
 38Hot Air Oven5
 39Tablet Dissolution test apparatus2
 40Mortar and Pestle30
 41Milli Pore Filter1
 42Vacuum Distillator1
 45Tincture press1
 47Colony Counter1
 48Antibiotic Zone Rader1
 49Laminar Air Flow1
 50Micropipette single & Multi Channelled4
 51UV Cabinet1