The Anti-Discrimination cell of the Danteswari College of Pharmacy has been constituted on Dt:- 17/07/2021 by taking the following officials as the member to handle the discrimination against caste, creed, Sex etc or harassment of any students and to promote equality among students. Students having any grievances should report to the members in person.

  1.Prof.(Dr.)Sruti Ranjan Mishra     :   Chairman- Cell No:9437091092

 2.Prof.(Dr.)Rama Prasad Padhy :    Principal      – Cell No :8637244977

3. Miss.Amrita Kumar Rath           :     Faculty         – Cell No :8338906646

4. Mrs.Swarna Lichika Satman  :     Faculty         – Cell No :6370766183     

5. Mr.Akshay Kumar Behuria :      CAO             – Cell No :9810628733  

6.Leena Nag                                 :       Faculty         – Cell No :9977276441   

7. Dipshika Howladar  :       Faculty         – Cell No :8457911193